For Example: building Key Stakeholder Commitment


Action-planning with customers and suppliers

Sometimes our clients know what they want to do but are unsure about how to do it. They want to know what the risks are of implementing an idea, to estimate the kind of resources that will be necessary, the potential effectiveness and impact of certain actions, and to generate ideas for overcoming resistance their proposals and plans.

We are often asked to run Innovation Boosters to “bullet-proof” a proposal against potential resistance from key stakeholders. Key stakeholders can be internal to the company or external, e.g. a client or supplier

In a recent Innovation Booster, a business development team needed the co-operation of their client and three key suppliers to move forward on a business opportunity:

“Our objective was to get an agreed plan and to present this to the management review board and the Booster was a very efficient way to do this. We decided on this approach because nothing else was working. It got lots of stakeholders up to speed and engaged, and succeeded as only a Booster could.

“We also avoided the need for some 20 separate meetings (between 5 sets of stakeholders) which would have produced a much less coherent plan and taken many months – and we had previously not even been able to get to a starting point.”