A Good Climate For Innovation

Does your company have a climate which supports the intrinsic motivation of your people to be creative and contribute to teams involved in innovation?


Goran Ekvall pioneered work on the appropriate organizational climate for innovation in Sweden more than 20 years ago. Using his methods it is possible to quantify the extent to which the climate in the company is healthy enough to maintain and continue to nurture the culture for innovation. Ekvall's work has been further refined and validated by Scott Isaksen and others at the Center for Creative Studies, State University of New York at Buffalo.

The approach defines 9 dimensions of the climate for innovation, grouped into 3 areas: resources, safety and curiosity.

 Is the climate in your company friendly or hostile to creativity and innovation?

Please contact us if you would like us to help you evaluate your work environment. Our approach involves creating an appropriate climate within project teams, workgroups, departments, etc., that maximises the potential synergies that can take when people work together.