Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative (or Open) Innovation becomes important when you recognise that, to develop successful products, services or processes, you need to look for external ideas, capabilities and strengths which complement your own.

Increasingly, innovation is happening within 'open innovation ecosystems' of companies. To be successful, this approach will depend on how well the people involved are able to build trust across organisational boundaries.

Argenta's CO-LAB provides tools, techniques and principles which build just such an open innovation ecosystem. Delivered through interactive learning-by-dong workshops, CO-LAB builds an effective climate for collaboration in:

  • suppliers to a large company challenged to respond more innovatively

  • SMEs interested in a novel technology and searching for applications

  • a consortium of organisations planning (or having won) a bid for funding to develop a product and business model in response to a market opportunity.

CO-LAB builds on our learning from working with many clients. See, for example, our Eurocopter project delivered 2012-13

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