Innovation Culture

We provide a range of development programmes aimed at developing specific innovation roles within your company, including:

Creative People: anyone in your company who needs to generate new and useful ideas and turn these into products, processes and practice.

Innovation Facilitators: problem-solving facilitators who can work on their own facilitating small workshops and meetings, or can work as part of a facilitation team in large Innovation Booster events.

Innovation Agents: the individuals in your company who drive change by identifying opportunities for innovation and enabling peope to transform an opportunity into reality.

Innovation Managers: responsible for providing a focal point for innovation initiatives, providing and co-ordinating resources, tracking activity, communicating results, etc.

Our development programmes contain the following elements:

  • development courses
  • mentoring and on-the-job training
  • job design and selection for key innovation roles using tried and tested competency frameworks

Contact us if you would like to receive more information about our courses and development programmes.