innovation boosters

Argenta 'Boosters' are facilitated creative workshops which deliver real value by:

  • resolving complex problems quickly - in new product development, for example
  • sharing knowledge and building trust across internal and external boundaries.

Boosters build effective team collaboration in a 'safe-to-fail' climate that supports divergent thinking and avoids roadblocks of the 'we've tried that before' kind.

The effectiveness of a booster results from:

a rigourous scoping and preparation process with the owner of the issue

high-quality facilitation of a series of creativity and knowledge-sharing techniques within a methodology chosen to match the desired objectives 

follow-up assessment of value gained.

At first, Boosters are deisgned and facilitated by Argenta to provide examples of helpful innovative behaviour and to ensure positive results. Then, through training and coaching by Argenta, a group of in-house Innovation Facilitators can become autonomous in managing and delivering many more Boosters.

Contact us if you require high level facilitation to work on a critical company challenge.